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Ensuring your staff and customers can safely exit a building is your obligation by law. Call us for all your maintencance and testing requirements of your exit and emergency lighting. We offer 2 year warranty on new installations.

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Ensuring your staff and customers can safely exit a building is your obligation by law.

There are various reasons for emergency and exit lights to fail, the main Emergency Exit - Stock Imagereasons can be attributed to either globe failure or battery failure.LED lighting has several benefits over conventional fluorescents that have been used in emergency light for many years. LEDs are energy efficient, compared with equivalent fluorescents; good LED emergency exit signs often show energy savings of 30 percent or more.

The light can be much more focused to its purpose which will show significant cost savings over the installation’s life. LEDs are very robust and have a low temperature performance, but perhaps the most remarkable attribute of LED lighting is its long life. There are high quality products available that will operate for 50,000 hours or more. This brings significant time and money-saving maintenance advantages in all applications.

Fluorescent maintained emergency lighting and exit signs are not necessarily the best option from a maintenance perspective. This is because 8W fluorescent lamps have a typical working life of around 6,000 hours; if they are illuminated several hours a day, regular lamp replacement will be required. Here, good quality LED emergency lighting has a distinct advantage over traditional types because of its significantly longer life.

Replacing lamps is always time consuming and costly, and often disruptive too, requiring access to fittings mounted along escape routes and above exits. Such areas often cannot be obstructed during working hours, necessitating costly out of Emergency Exithours working. In addition, there are the costs of lamp replacement and failed lamp disposal.Therefore, there is no reason today not to use good quality LED emergency lighting products from reputable manufacturers.

6 Monthly and annual testing of every emergency light is necessary, all emergency lighting must be tested functionally. Accurate records must be kept.  In large buildings, this can be a lengthy job that may be impossible to achieve whilst keeping the building in a legal, fully working state.All emergency and exit lights must undergo a 90 minute discharge test of the battery every 6 months as stated under the Australian Standard: AS2293.1. Situations may arise where the backup battery fails due to to batteries becoming discharged – they do not hold a charge or do not receive a charge from the power converter.The Australian Standard AS/NZS 2293.1, section 4 requires an Emergency Lighting Test Switch be installed to facilitate the testing of Emergency Lights without the need to isolate individual circuits placing work/trading areas into darkness.

Australian Standards Requirements of AS2293.2-

Emergency Lighting Testing & Inspection

Six Monthly Tests            

All emergency luminaires and exit signs shall be checked to ensure that they function satisfactorily. Any defective lamps shall be replaced and a match of lamp technology and lamp colour must be used.exit sign

  •  Where manual discharge test facilities are provided, the following procedure shall be carried out to check the operation of the emergency lighting system:

  •  Turn the battery charger off, simulate a mains failure and carry out a partial

  • Discharge test at 100 percent of the installed emergency lighting load. Allow the test to continue until the operation of all emergency luminaires and exit signs has been checked, this test must meet the AS2293 requirement for a duration of 90 minutes

  • After tests have been completed the tester must restore the system to normal operation, turn the battery charger on and recharge the batteries of each fitting.

  • Where automatic discharge test facilities are provided, a visual check shall be made of the operational status of all emergency luminaires and exit signs by means of the indications given at the controller or associated indicator panel.

  • Those units which fail the discharge test must be either repaired and restored to normal condition or replaced.

Twelve Monthly Tests

  •   As for the six monthly tests and

  •  Inspect fittings and clean reflective surfaces as necessary.Emergency Exit

  •  Other requirements apply to Central Battery System installations

  • With any light failure, it is important to realise that simply replacing the backup battery may not resolve the fault. The light may in fact function again due to any charge/backup power in the newly installed battery but it may fail to recharge beyond that due to a faulty power converter, therefore the most economical recommendation is to replace the complete unit.

  • During any test, tubes in exit light fittings are replaced and tubes or globes in emergency lights are replaced if the unit fails to illuminate. Any damage to the unit or diffuser constitutes an immediate fail and the unit must be repaired or replaced.

Intelligent Automation is the one to call for the best price and advice on all your Emergency & Exit lighting requirements, whether it be for you regular compliance test or new installations and replacements.  We use quality products and keep up to date with all legal requirements.We offer a 3 year warranty on all new Installations of Emergency and Exit Lights

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