Tariff Rebates offered by Energex

How you can get rewarded for simply changing your pool or hot water tariff ask us how



Rebates on Offer

Energex Offer Rebates for Changing your Tariff over to save Energy See what is available to you

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Important changes the Tariff rebate program

Note: The $150 energy efficient pool pump offer will close on 30 June 2015. Applications must be submitted by 30 June 2015 to receive the reward (no late applications will be accepted).

The $250 economy tariff offer will reduce to $200 from 1 July 2015. Applications must be submitted by 30 June 2015 to receive the higher amount (no late applications will be accepted).

Hot water tariff 31 rebates will cease from 31st December 2015

Got a new Air Conditioner? Would you like to get a reward for connecting it!

Connect to Economy Tariff 33 – $250 rewardWater Consumption

Energy Efficient Pool Pump – $150 reward

Hot Water Rebate – $200 reward

Peak Smart Reward – Up To $400 reward

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Hot Water Rebate & Pool Rewards will cease on 31/12/2015

How To Connect to Economy Tariff 33 Or Tariff 31

Claim a $250 reward for connecting your pool pump to Economy Tariff 33.

Claim$200  reward for connecting your Hot Water system to Tariff 31

  1. Contact Intelligent Automation for a quote and to arrange connection of your pool pump or hot water system to Economy Tariff 33 or 31

  2. Once the work is completed the electrician will submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR) to Energex.

  3. Contact your electricity retailer and let them know you have connected to Economy Tariff 33 or 31. Your electricity retailer will then submit a Business to Business (B2B) request to Energex.

  4. You are now ready to claim your reward.

Please be aware that your reward application cannot be processed until Energex has received the applicable forms from your electrician and your electricity retailer.

Hot Water Rewards

Claim$200 and save up to 49% on your hot water costs, by connecting your hot water system to an economy tariff. Contact Intelligent Automation for a quote to change your hot water system over now.

By connecting your existing or new hot water system to an economy tariff or you can save energy and money year after year, while still enjoying the comforts of hot water at home.

Economy Tariff 31 provides electricity for a minimum 8 hours a day and Economy Tariff 33 provides electricity for a minimum 18 hours a day, both at a discounted rate.

Use this handy Hot Water Calculator to see  how much you can save.

 Pool and Spa pump rebate

Pool pumps are among the most energy-hungry appliances aA plastic calculator showing the words How Much to figure the am home can have, costing on average $640 annually to run. Reduce your pool running costs by connecting to an economy tariff and swapping to an efficient pump.

See how much you can save with this pool pump calculator

PeakSmart Air Conditioner Reward

Many Queenslanders use their air conditioner during peak times, usually on days of extreme temperature. Everyone using their air-conditioner at the same time, increases stress on the electricity network.

If you are replacing or purchasing a new air-conditioner, help manage peak demand by choosing a PeakSmart air-conditioner, you will be rewarded by up to $400 by connecting it to the PeakSmart program.

Households and businesses can claim up to five rewards (per premise) for any type of PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner where a signal receiver is installed.

Reward $100 $200 $400
Cooling Capacity Less than 4kW 4kW or less than 10kW 10kW or more

What is PeakSmart air-conditioning?

PeakSmart air-conditioning helps reduce peak demand without affecting your air-conditioner’s performance. It operates similar to the economy setting of an air-conditioner. The energy consumption is capped for short periods on a few days of the year and the system continues to produce cool air. The technology is designed to be set and forget so you won’t have to do anything or notice a difference to your comfort.

Where can you purchase a PeakSmart air-conditioner?

Energex in conjunction with major manufactures aircon unit picand air-conditioning retailers and specialty dealers have PeakSmart air-conditioning units available for you to purchase.

PeakSmart air-conditioners are available at most appliance retailers and air-conditioning specialty dealers. Check our  list of eligible brands and models or ask your air-conditioning expert if it is PeakSmart compatible.

What happens once I’ve purchased my PeakSmart air-conditioner?

Once you’ve purchase your PeakSmart air-conditioner you will need to get a signal receiver from your retailer or air-conditioner installer.

The signal receiver is the device that is installed on your PeakSmart air-conditioner to assist with capping energy consumption for short periods on a few days of the year.

Apply for your reward

To claim your PeakSmart air-conditioner reward, you will need the following information on hand:

  • Your bank account details (BSB and Account Number). Energex pay all rewards by EFT.

  • A copy of your air-conditioning receipt.Hand Controlling An Air Conditioner

  • The completed installation form

  • For businesses only: Tax invoice to claim your reward.

You are now ready to login to our Customer Portal and apply for your reward.

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