• Build Partnerships to Better Manage Energy Demand
  • Unlock the Value of Demand Response for all End Use Customers
  • Reduce Consumer Energy Bills
  • Protect the Environment
  • Protect the Existing Energy Infrastructure
  • Negate the Need for New Network Investment

Home Energy Management Systems are the way of the future, and Gswitch is leading the way. Intelligent Automation specialise in sustainable residential energy monitoring and management using cutting edge technology.

“Gswitch is saving my budget, and my sanity…
I was so frustrated to always come home to a house lit up like a Christmas tree with all the lights, TVs, appliances and computers turned on, especially when no-one was even home. Gswitch not only saves me money, but has also saved my sanity, and my relationship with my teenage kids. Gswitch is the solution we’ve been waiting for!”
-Kaye Radford

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